Do you offer a Service to identify Japanese Knotweed?

All of our Services exclude an inspection for the identification of Japanese Knotweed and we do not accept liability for a property transaction proceeding, or failing to proceed, where Japanese Knotweed is assumed, or confirmed, to be present within the vicinity of a property visited by a Viewber to conduct any Service.

As a seller, or an estate agent, you have a legal duty to disclose the presence of Japanese Knotweed to a purchaser and cannot utilise any Services, even if requested verbally or in writing to a Viewber/Viewber Limited, to complete this on your behalf.

As a purchaser, you must not rely on any Services provided by Viewber Limited to confirm the presence, or lack of presence, of Japanese Knotweed and must carry out your own enquiries with the seller and estate agent involved with the transaction. A request, whether made verbally or in writing, to a Viewber/Viewber Limited for such identification to be carried out does not incur any liability to the Viewber/Viewber Ltd for the correct identification or confirmation of the presence, or lack of presence, of Japanese Knotweed.